Let the competition begin

New Tech Institute began an annual event entitled, "Souper Bowl of Caring" in January of 2015. Each class was challenged to bring in canned goods to donate to a local homeless shelter. The class of 2018 was the winning class for this first year's event. A trophy was created and presented to the class. An after school activity is planned to take the items to the Evansville Rescue Mission by members of the winning class!

New Tech Institute's 2015 Collection

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Celebration Lutheran Confirmation Youth


This skit was performed during worship on the day of the actual Super Bowl in which the Seattle Seahawks were participants. The congregation, mostly Seahawk's fans were fully aware of all the subtle inuendos and were able to "read between the lines."

BEASTMODE (A Melodrama about Poverty and Hunger) Written by David Haven

(Characters: 5 youth to be the Beast; Rich People, 2 parents, 2 children, Rich Executive, Shop Owner, Athlete, Russell, animals, etc.)


Celebration Lutheran Confirmation Youth and Celebration Lutheran Confirmation Youth

Posted: Feb 24th

First Presbyterian Church

Sour on Souper Bowl Sunday

We collected cash in a football helmit. Then we continued with fellowship around kettles of soup and sandwiches. 40 were in attendance.

First Presbyterian Church's 2015 Collection and First Presbyterian Church

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Indian Lake Community Church

Souper Bowl Sunday

The Youth at ILCC played a food drive video clip and announced the collection dates the week before the Super Bowl. We collected money and food items for four Sundays in February. We set up four inexpensive trash bins in the front of the Church and ask the congregation to "Help us take hunger out with the trash" by putting their donations in their favorite color trash bin. We let them know the "winning" color and the totals at our next Worship Service. We will let them know the Biblical meaning of the...

Souper Bowl Sunday and Indian Lake Community Church

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New Blackwell Baptist Church

Feeding the Homeless

We prepared and served chili, soup and all the fixins to the homeless people in Knoxville, Tn. We also gave them gloves, hats, and blankets. We had 20 members involved in preparing and serving.

New Blackwell Baptist Church's 2015 Collection and New Blackwell Baptist Church

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Resurrection Lutheran Church

Can We Rise to the Occassion?

In March of 2014 Resurrection was given a challenge to rise up and double the amount raised for the 2014 Souperbowl of Caring.

What if we doubled this amount? What if we doubled the 2065 lbs. of food raised in 2014 to 4130 lbs. in 2015. That's equivalent to 8260 meals. Talk about "blessed to be a blessing". Wouldn't it be nice to be able to bless the Portland community with that much food!

Blown away by the expectation we were left totally speechless as final results were read a load a...

Resurrection Lutheran Church's 2015 Collection and Resurrection Lutheran Church

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Resurrection Lutheran Church

Transforming Lives One Can of Food at a Time

At the beginning of the year Pastor Mike O'Berg in a message said that Resurrection is going to be a church that makes a difference and takes a stand on things of importance. Hunger is an issue of importance and how transforming it was to see our youth take a stand. We had two middle schoolers go door to door and collect food. In total these two youth collected 16 bags of food. On Wednesday night our middle school group and high school group scoured the neighborhood going "canned food...

Resurrection Lutheran Church's 2014 Collection and Resurrection Lutheran Church

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Forest Presbyterian Church FYRE Youth Group

A photo finish

The charity that we gave to this year not only has the need for food but also for toilet paper, so our collection involved both. Their biggest food needs were peanut butter and canned fruit (they are overflowing in canned vegetables). We let the congregation know what the need was and they delivered.

Every year, our church pits the Super Bowl teams against each other in the Souper Bowl of Caring. This year, just like the game, it was close. Those supporting the Seahawks gave more food and...

Forest Presbyterian Church FYRE Youth Group's 2015 Collection and Forest Presbyterian Church FYRE Youth Group

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Bethany U.C.C.

Souper Bowl of Caring 2015

Bethany United Church of Christ youth collected loose change from the congregation members in large soup kettles during our morning worship on February 8th. Everyone enjoys throwing coins in the kettles and creating as much noise as possible during our annual noisy offering. All donations are given to our local food pantry the Freeport Area Church Cooperative.

Bethany U.C.C. and Bethany U.C.C.

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Washington Elementary

Washington Elementary Souper Bowl Food Drive

Mrs. Flandro's first grade class was excited to count their food everyday. They were learning to count to 100 by tens. So they grouped their food into tens. When they reached 100 they started to group again and soon got excited to see if they could reach 200. I stopped to check in on them and asked how they were doing. Mrs. Flandro said, "we had a remainder today." I asked if they understood what that concept meant? She said, "we set it aside and said that it would remain here until it had a group to go...

Washington Elementary's 2015 Collection and Washington Elementary

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Pine Street Lutheran

2015 additional info for Pine Street Lutheran Church

We also collected $142 for the local food bank. Yay!!!!

Pastor Keith Pittsnogle reporting.

Pine Street Lutheran's 2015 Collection and Pine Street Lutheran

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Beulah Ann Missionary Baptist Youth Group

BAMBY Rocks!

The Youth of Beulah Ann Missionary Baptist (BAMBY) collected money in soup pots before and after each service on Sunday and Feb 1st. On Wednesday, February 4th, the youth prepared and hosted a fellowship dinner at the church prior to the evening service. The teens, leaders and parents donated all food needed to aleviate any cost that would take away from the donations. The dinner of home made BBQ, baked beans, Mac and cheese, salad and desserts was a huge success with over $500 collected. Keep in mind...

Beulah Ann Missionary Baptist Youth Group's 2015 Collection and Beulah Ann Missionary Baptist Youth Group

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Jones Memorial Presbyterian Church

Secretary, Jones Memorial Presbyterian Church

JMPC celebrated it's 100th Anniversary in August, 2013. We no longer have the "numbers" that we have had in the past. Our family is small but our heart is BIG. We celebrated Souper Bowl of Caring with a delicious soup and sandwich meal. We had two kinds of vegetable, one potato and chicken tortilla soup. Grilled cheese sandwiches were served along with homemade desserts and beverages. We had a moderate attendance, as we usually do, since a large part of our congregation is over 80 years old and they...

Jones Memorial Presbyterian Church and Jones Memorial Presbyterian Church

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First Congregational Church of Rowley

Project Joy

Three days before Christmas my congregation were attending worship with the door open to our sanctuary. Our youth had collected gifts,money and gift cards along with food for baskets for the needy in our area and it was sitting on a table just outside the sanctuary. Upon leaving worship we discovered we had been robbed! The thief took all the gifts cards/cash totaling over $1000. The police came,the reporters came, the youth were devastated! We had an emergency meeting and began to collect again, we went...

first congregational church's 2015 Collection and First Congregational Church of Rowley

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Dungeness Valley Lutheran Youth

Soup lunch for Souper Bowl of Caring

Each year we conclude our collection with a soup lunch after church that includes soup pots set out for donations. We invite our charity to come share what they do and we all have a great time fellowshipping as well as raising funds. This year, $694.66 was donated by our generous congregation.

Dungeness Valley Lutheran Youth's 2015 Collection and Dungeness Valley Lutheran Youth

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Dr. Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church

Dr. Martin Luther Evan. Lutheran Church Youth Group ' s Soup

Our group may be small this year and we had a lovely blizzard the day of our Souper Bowl of Caring (Feb. 1st), but we had great support from our congrgation. We brought in canned beans and used collected Christmas ham bones to make our now famous
ham and bean soup for our congregation. Was delicious and warmed us while folks watched the game that night. Our collection will help an inner city church's soup pantry in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church and Dr. Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Peace Lutheran Church Youth

Trivia Night Challenge

Peace's Youth Director, Todd, initiated Peace's participation in Souper Bowl of Caring about 10 years ago, always donating whatever was collected to We Care of Grundy County, a food pantry that also provides supplemental assistance to qualifying families. About five years ago, he incorporated a Trivia Challenge Night. In the midst of planning for 2015 Trivia Night, Todd suffered a severe stroke and remains hospitalized as of this writing. The youth group and their parents stepped up to the plate and...

Peace Lutheran Church Youth and Peace Lutheran Church Youth

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RSVP of Kane, Kendall & McHenry Counties

And the Results Are In......Thank You to all who Donated! RSVP Recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service - A Day On Not A

The mission of the "Souper Bowl" of Caring is to mobilize youth in a united national effort to care for people in their local communities who are hungry and to help those in need. Since its inception in 1990, more than $100 million has been generated for distribution to the needy in communities across the country. In addition, hundreds of thousands of youth have participated and experienced for themselves the joy and satisfaction of giving and serving. They have inspired people of all ages to...

RSVP of Kane, Kendall & McHenry Counties's 2015 Collection and RSVP of Kane, Kendall & McHenry Counties

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Hoptown Guys Bible Study

Editorial in Kentucky New Era Feb. 4, 2015

Our Opinion: Food drive should stir more help for pantry

Posted: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 11:00 pm

When an organization like Hoptown Guys Group organizes a food drive to help the Aaron McNeil House, they often accomplish two things. One is obvious -- getting people to donate canned goods to the local food pantry. The other is not immediate noticeable, but it might be even more important. A food drive like the one this group organized for Saturday's Hoptown vs. County boys baske...

Hoptown Guys Bible Study's 2015 Collection and Hoptown Guys Bible Study

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Center for Food Action

2015 Souper Bowl of Caring--161 lbs of canned goods!

The WITS Club has collected 102 pounds of canned goods for the New England Patriots and 59 lbs of canned goods for the Seattle Seahawks!!~

Thanks for all your support with this souper bowl of caring!!

Nurse Hess

Center for Food Action

Posted: Feb 4th